City of Juxtaposition

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When I arrived in Hong Kong at the end of Summer is 2014, the contrast of the place amazed me: High rise apartments compete for the skyline with jungle-covered peaks.  Plants encroach on any abandoned space.  Polished metals reflect decaying paint.  Kites – raptors that would make any British twitcher stop and watch – seem more abundant than pigeons. Ancient temples and watching buddhas look out on clean-cut glass architecture.  It’s a city of juxtaposition, a photographers dream; I loved it.


City and The Mountain



Shadow of Man



Bent Glass



Street Light



Up to Infinity



Fishing Boats






Polished Metal



Purple Flower






Tram Inside



Power Station



Looking Through



The Watcher






Shadow Cast



Night Light



The City and the Tram



Cutting a Line



Black Kite


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