Geometry, Anaglyphy and an old gate in Kuala Lumpur

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I enjoyed experimenting with graphic design. There’s inspiration everywhere, from childhood memories to experiences while travelling.

The first two designs below are inspired by my youth. The highlight of my childhood was the yearly visit to our caravan in North Wales – specifically Aberdaron, on the Llyn peninsula. I will always remember the sunny days, squeezed around the tiny table playing Spirograph with my Mum and Brother. The designs were always circular, and the shapes inside were often complex, but always portrayed elements of symmetry.
The second design is inspired by the Anaglyphs associated with those old, paper constructed, blue-and-red, 3d glasses from the days before James Cameron’s interventions.
The third design here has taken inspiration from an old gate I spotted and photographed somewhere in or around the Sultan Abdul Samad building, in Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur. I love the geometric and symmetrical patterns found throughout islamic architecture, and this particular design caught my eye. I returned from my visit to KL with hundreds of images of tiling and iron work that I’m sure I will continue to use for inspiration in the future.






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