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It’s only recently that I’ve noticed the new trend in ignorance; TL;DR.

TL;DR = Too Long; Didn’t Read.

I’ve had this posted on comments regarding complicated issues such as anthropogenic climate change, consequences of the anti-vaccination movement, the origins of extremism in religion, the illegality and unnecessity of modern warfare, and many others.  I’ve seen TL;DR summaries created at the bottom of some blog pages.  I’ve seen amazingly researched and informed blogs – such as Another Angry Voice – criticised for being too long, with commenters on Facebook complaining that the complex political issues that he explains so thoroughly are too long winded and unaccessible.

To keep this short – for those who need to read this – It’s a shit excuse.  Sometimes, issues cannot be discussed or summarised in soundbite statements.  If you are willing to hold an opinion on complicated issues, you should also be willing to read the information surrounding those issues.

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