Tribal Poverty Tourism and Its Complications.

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  Back in 2010, I visited Africa for the first time.  You can read about my time photographing animals on safari in Kenya and Tanzania in my blog A Lifelong Dream.  It was an absolutely incredible experience, one I’ll never … Continued

I Never Thought I’d Find It Here.

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  Aurora Borealis is produced when solar winds sufficiently disturb the magnetosphere of Earth. That’s a sentence to make you feel small. I’ve been living up in Gamrie Bay, Scotland for the last few months working in the Outer Moray … Continued

A Lifelong Dream

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  When I was a young boy, my father went to visit his sister in South Africa.  At the time I didn’t really think much of it, though I do remember that he got to go on a plane which was … Continued

Visayan Longboard Trilogy: An Unexpected Discovery

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Poblacion, Oslob is a sleepy town. I’ve lived here for the last 7 months, working with a marine conservation group called the Large Marine Vertebrates Project Philippines (  We study the infamous whale sharks of Tanawan, a barangay (barangay<municipality<province) further … Continued

Moal Boal Sardine Ball

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A few weeks ago, myself and Anna travelled up the coast to Moal Boal on one of our days off from working with LAMAVE as research assistants in Oslob, Cebu, in the beautiful Philippines that is our home for the next year … Continued