I Never Thought I’d Find It Here.

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  Aurora Borealis is produced when solar winds sufficiently disturb the magnetosphere of Earth. That’s a sentence to make you feel small. I’ve been living up in Gamrie Bay, Scotland for the last few months working in the Outer Moray … Continued

A Lifelong Dream

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  When I was a young boy, my father went to visit his sister in South Africa.  At the time I didn’t really think much of it, though I do remember that he got to go on a plane which was … Continued

City of Juxtaposition

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When I arrived in Hong Kong at the end of Summer is 2014, the contrast of the place amazed me: High rise apartments compete for the skyline with jungle-covered peaks.  Plants encroach on any abandoned space.  Polished metals reflect decaying … Continued


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Sometimes I ask myself why I like to take photos.  Is it to document an event or animal or place or thing, or to capture a moment, or for nothing other than enjoyment?  I’m not sure.  Sometimes I feel like … Continued